Friday, November 21, 2008

Holiday Schedule 2008

Because many people will going away for Thanksgiving, we are altering the schedule slightly this week.

Monday: practice will be as usual.

Tuesday: J will not be in class. If Juan is available we will keep it open as a regular session. In the even that Juan can't make it, please treat it as an open mat, or a day of recovery, everyone has been working very hard.

Wednesday: No Class as usual.

Thursday and Friday we will obviously be closed to celebrate the pilgrims tricking the natives into giving them all their food.

Additionally, there will be testing in December for promotions.

Those eligible for a stripe/belt test in December are as follows:
Pete (both)

December 4th is the tentative date.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NAGA New Jersey 2008

This weekend Capitol Combat Sports' Sijara Eubanks trekked up to New Jersey for the North American Grapplers Association tournament. Although she was the only one from CCS competing that day, she laid down the law, won all her matches and came back with two gold medals. Sijara won first place in the women's white belt divisions in both gi and no-gi. Congratulations, Sijara.

-Pete Law

Thursday, November 6, 2008

CCS Merchandise

Hey Guys, just a quick note. I ordered school patches for the uniforms and they should get here in a couple of weeks. They look like the logo on this blog. I wanted to get them in before the next tournament.

Also, I found a place that will give us wholesale pricing on Gis. I ordered a few to start out and we'll see how it goes. I ordered single weave gis to give new students something they could start out with without spending an arm and a leg (and also because the place that would wholesale double weave gis to us wanted a large order). If this goes well, we'll try to keep some in stock so that when you guys need another one you can order it directly through the school which will help keep our dues down. If anyone needs another gi, let me know. They should be here in a few days.

And finally, people have been asking about ordering another round of CCS shirts with the school logo. We hope to get some new shirts or hoodies in soon. Last time we sold out, so this time please pre-pay so that we are sure we'll order enough for everyone that wants one.

-Pete Law

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

US Grappling Submission Only Tournament Nov 1, 2008

This weekend some of Capitol Combat Sports' students took a roadtrip from DC to Winchester Virginia to participate in US Grappling's Submission Only Tournament II. This is a tournament with no time limits or points. A win can only come from a submission. Congratulations on some hard fought matches!

Men's No Gi Beginner
Beginner 149 lbs
2nd Place Andrew Elwell

Beginner 159 lbs
3rd Place Jon Christophel

Men's Gi Divisions

White Belt 140-149.9
3rd place Andrew Elwell

Women No Gi Divisions
Beginner 145-159.9
1st Place Sijara Eubanks

Women's Gi Divisions
White Belt 159
1st Place Sijara Eubanks

White Belt Absolute
1st Place Sijara Eubanks

US Grappling Junior Championships II Oct 25, 2008

Recently some of Capitol Combat Sports' youngest students got to feature their skills at the US Grappling Junior Championships II in Richmond VA. Congratulations guys!

Children Beginner No Gi

77 lbs
2nd place Rael Griffin

89 lbs
3rd Place Will Wests

Teen Advanced No Gi
129 lbs
1st Place Grier Freedman

Teen Beginner No Gi
159 lbs
2nd Place Michael McDonald
3rd Place Dean Szollosy

Teen Beginner Gi
139.9 lbs
1st Place Michael McDonald