Monday, December 15, 2008

Easy New Solo Stretch

The only thing worse than losing a match because of your technique is losing one because you are inflexible. Like it or not, if you are going to get better at jiu jitsu, you are going to have to work on all aspects of your game, including flexibility. Luckilly, it's easier to see improvement in your flexibility than it is to improve your strength or get better at your other skills, like keeping your weight on someone.

While we do work on stretching during warmups, it's important for you to practice that on your own as well. Here is a helpful trick for stretching out your hips with some old belts from your judo gi. It was submitted by the guys at Submissions 101.

Keep an eye out for changes in the schedule. Most of the people at our jiu jitsu club found out about us by word of mouth (i.e. from a friend), so as new people joined we worked with them to get them up to speed and let them participate in the class. Since we have recently gotten several new students, we may be changing one of the classes to focus specifically on basics. This will help the new students with their foundations and will be a good review for more advanced students.

Also, I will be adding a link on the side to let people know about upcoming jiu jitsu tournaments or seminars in the DC area. If you know of one, send the info to

-Pete Law

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