Monday, July 20, 2009

Tournament Results, US Grappling Submission Only iV

The results: 3 Gold Medals, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze. It was great seeing everybody out there competing at this well run tournament. Work schedules and injuries prevented some people from competing, but others were eager to try out this unique no-time limit tournament. Wins are by submission only, no matter how long they take.

Men's No-Gi Divisions

Advanced 205 and up
3 Hi-Woon Kang

Intermediate 150-159.9
1st Joaquin Azero

Beginner up to 139.9
2nd Benjamin Saunders

Novice Absolute 150-169.9
3rd Jordan Davenport

Men's Gi Divisions
Men's Blue Belt 160-169.9
3rd Tom Mooney -

Men's Blue Belt 205-219.9
2nd Hi-Woon Kang -

Men's White Belt 159-159.9
1st Joaquin Azero -

30+ Gi Divisions
30+ White Belt Up to 159.9

1st Joaquin Azero

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